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Terms of Service

Metro General Services specializes in exterior maintenance services for single family residential dwellings.

On-site Inspection and quotes for service will be provided "free of charge" when we are onsite perfoming other work. If we are not already on-site performing other work, you may schedule a Diagnostic Service Call.

We can provide a quote "free of charge" by phone or e-mail if sufficient accurate information is provided. Such quotes are not considered binding until information has been verified.

Minimum Labor Charges
Time and Material Labor Rate for unspecified work, which does not have a price or rate posted on this website is as follows:

  • Diagnostic service calls are $79.80 and cover up to 30 minutes of inspection of the site and time to prepare finalized binding written quotes.
  • 2 hour minimum Labor Rate per service call, billed at $24.94 per 15 minute increment, or portion thereof, plus the cost of any materials at our normal mark-up.

Payment schedule for services, unless otherwise stated on the quote will be as follows:

  • Diagnostic Service Calls must be pre-paid.
  • Services under $500 with less than $50 in material costs shall be considered DUE IN FULL at time service is completed.
  • Services over $500 or with $50 or more in material costs shall require a deposit of 30% of labor costs and 100% of material costs. Balance shall be due upon completion.

We accept payment via cash, check, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover/Novus. You may also make direct payments via PayPal using our link

Warranty On Work
Unless otherwise expressed in writing on your work order, invoice, or finalized receipt, all work performed is guaranteed for 30 days from the date of completion of said work. Any deficiencies in workmanship reported within the 30 day period will be subject to one (1) follow-up remediation visit at no additional labor charge.

Privacy Policy
All information provided to Metro General Services will not sold or provided to 3rd parties without your express written permission.

Contact John Mills at 804.475.2243 for questions about our terms of service.